Hobby Woodworking: making all the things

I enjoy this in a casual manner. I am self taught from books and You Tube. My router table although not perfect is very useful. I really like  pocket joinery using a lower level Kreg tool. The foot stool is all 1×2 poplar and the top is 1/4 inch fancy plywood. The radio is my rendition of a 1920’s short wave radio using the 1/4 inch plywood and mission oak stain. The small item with cross pieces of wood at each end is a shooting board. These are great for planing and joinery and I have made several. The table is from plans by Mathias Wendel of You Tube.

Addition #2: My first scratch built  aircraft. It is for my grand daughter.


Added: my finger or box joint jigs and my attempt at a box using box joints. Cutting box joints is a precise operation and fun. I use a scrap piece of plywood behind the board to be cut and hold everything together with a c clamp. Moving the jig over the router blade needs to be SLOW.