Cigar box guitars, part two:


Well, then, I made one more which is acoustic only:

I decided to build another guitar. (See the past post on building the first one.) I had purchased a very nice box and decided I would like to build one with a magnetic pickup. The box is cedar, the neck is poplar and the strings are Martin 80/20 acoustic. I used the D, G, and B strings and the instrument is tuned open G (GDG).

There are instructions all over You Tube , C.B. Gitty, and an e-book by Gittyman available.

The trick is to go slowly and double check. Certain tools are needed, but nothing unusual. I made an error in my build, but I think I solved it.

I bought the box on e-bay. I did the painting later.Measured cutouts for tight insertion of the bottom of the guitar neck which occupies the box. Another piece of wood is glued to the part of the neck that will be in the box  for strength and stablility.

Here is the assembly of the box and neck. I did a little decorative painting to make it look old and hand made. Then I drilled two holes in the box with a Forstner bit so it can be loud enough if played acoustically.

The bridge is a cut down 1/4 inch bolt and the strings are stabilized with the hollow part of rivets for leatherwork. The nut at the other end of the strings is a smaller bolt fit into a cutout shallow trench. The grooves on the bolts hold the strings in place.This is the magnetic pickup. I put it too close to the neck. A deep groove must be cut in the back part of the neck (in the box) to fit the pickup and this weakened my neck so it bows when the strings were tuned. I thought the piece of wood glued to the underside of the neck would stabilize it, but there was just not enough length from the groove to the edge of the box. I drilled this “too short” space and placed two large screws between the neck and the neck support piece (inside the box) and so far so good.

The photo below is complete, except for insertion of the pickup.


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