Update woodworking

My daughter and I went to the Field Museum in Chicago last fall and I noticed a long serpentine bench in the Paleo section that I really liked. It had wood slats for the seat and the frame and legs were steel. I build a small approximation from wood.

The frame and legs are poplar. I used pocket hole joints (using the Kreg tool) to hold the frame together. The long horizontal pieces on the base are for stabilization since the seat is narrow. The oak slats for the seat were cut with a circulars saw and grooved on the underside with a router.

Lots of measuring was involved.

The frame and legs are glued and screwed together and painted gloss black (I always forget a primer coat) and the oak was stained  golden pecan treated with two coats of polyurethane.

I think the next one will have maple slats since the oak was so hard to work.

What style? No comment at the  Field Museum as I recall. I will call it modernist in design.

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