Update : New Starmax mount

This little catadiopetric scope is pretty nice. It was possible, but inconvenient, to use it on my equatorial tripod mount since the little scope’s  mounting bracket is on the side instead of the bottom of the optical tube.

Parts: 1.5 inch “L” shaped aluminum strip cut, shaped, and drilled to fit the tripod mount; piece of poplar cut to size and drilled, bolts, locking nuts, and wing nuts. then paint to make it pretty.

Final form

Update: regenerative receivers

A few more pics of my AM and short wave regenerative receivers.

Left to right:G3XBM, 40 meters, JFET; Stan Gibilisco, AM broadcast band; Selenium, et. al, short wave; Normal Leal (Antique Radio Forum), space charge tube radio 12 VDC, AM broadcast band; and VK3EYE, 40 meters short wave using ceramic resonators instead of a coil in the tank circuit.

Bottom photo: Selenium again (refer to the Radio Boards Forums under solid state designs) using an LM386 as an envelop detector, AM broadcast.

I found these designs on You Tube, websites, Antique Radio Forum, and The Radio Board Forum.