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This is a beetlebot. It is purely electro-mechanical with no  electronics or programming to make it operate. It scoots along very nicely and gets itself away from obstacles with verve and elan (kidding).

This is my wife’s robot. She calls her Ruby Foos in honor of the wonderful restaurant we visited in Montreal (?) 35 years ago.

The latest and clearest build directions are on this You Tube: The Beetle Robot version 2 by Jerome Demers. I downloaded several high resolution photos from his website so I would be sure to get the wiring done correctly.

He designed a very nice shell. I used a 4 inch plastic bottle cap which I pained and then glued a wood block to the center underside. I glued two small neodymium magnets to the block so it snaps on the metal strip holding the motors.

This robot is somewhat more complex to build than it first appears and one has to solder, but if one can work from high resolution photos there should not be a problem. Good luck and enjoy if you build it.


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