Robotics, part 2

This is my remote controlled robot based on the same motor system as the Arduino robot, but controlled by a Raspberry Pi Zero. The bot is run from a computer keyboard to which the Zero is connected by wifi. On my iMAC I use Microsoft Remote Desktop (free) and on the Zero I use xrdp (also free on Linux) to command and control the bot. This bot and its command and control system are marvelous.

I wanted to learn my way around  Linux and Raspberry Pi is an excellent tool to do this. Then I wanted to learn some Python. I have spent about 9 months learning and building little projects. Then the idea of robots just appeared in the  night-time mist…

It is built on a Tamiya chassis and uses a Tamiya gearbox, so she is known around here as Tami

Complete and total instructions are on You Tube by sentdex: Raspberry Pi with Python for Robotics 1 up to video 11. He went on to make it autonomous, but I did not want that. His website includes a valuable narrative for each video and he develops the code on the left side of each page: Python Programming Tutorials>Robotics> the hyperlink in the second paragraph about his now featured robot. For some reason he chose to bury the information on the robot I built, but it is all there.

I enjoyed making this bot. It is neat that “it actually works!”

If I wanted a remote control car or tank to play with, especially if one has children waiting, I would buy a complete RC vehicle and have fun.

P.S.: That black cylinder in the first picture is the power supply for the Zero. It is a cellphone charger and power supply (5 VDC, 1 Amp) by ANKER that I liked so much I bought another. It was $13.00 on Amazon U.S.



Final form



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