>>>Just for fun (aren’t they all?)<<<


  1. Report to Ft. Sam Houston, TX (near San Antonio), or else.
  2.  You’re in the army now. It is hot.
  3.  Get in line for a quick, short haircut. Now you are presentable.
  4. Buy uniforms at the uniform shop just outside the gate. Rank goes on the right.
  5. Don’t irritate the natives.
  6. Learn to march. Still hot.
  7. Take a ride in a medevac helicopter and an ambulance truck and visit an aid station setup.
  8. Go to the shooting range. The bullet comes out the end with the hole. Don’t shoot anybody.
  9. Immunizations every Friday x4; sick over the weekend.
  10. Night time compass course in the Hill Country. Neato! Watch out for rattlers! BTW, you have been shot. Come on and get in the truck.
  11. Graduate, photo, go on leave, get orders.
  12. Yay, TEXAS!!

<My orders said Vietnam Transient Detatchment, APO San Francisco. I thought my duty station would be in SF maybe doing physicals, etc. When we discovered I would be crossing the international date line my poor mother went batsh*t. I regarded it as an adventure for my time, plus I was not a line officer.

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