WW1 logistics and supply

Another “great” part of the Great War. (I especially liked the part where substantial success or setback on the trench battlefield required everything be moved forward or back.)

One thought on “WW1 logistics and supply”

  1. Astounding…. In researching WW1, my admiration for that generation has multiplied 100 fold. To be able to keep up with and steadily supply that many men is truly astounding–especially since they didn’t have computers or barcodes!

    They just had it all down to a science that they continually refined as the war went on. I read about how hospital kitchens were managed–they knew exactly how big to make it, how many pots, pans, and utensils were the bare-bones minimum, how/where to direct drain lines etc. Of course this kind of planning and thinking is the obvious wise thing to do, but it is just a reminder that those folks back then were no dummies.

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