Visiting the Adler Planetarium

A couple weeks ago I took the Hiawatha train to Chicago Union Station to visit my daughter and son in law. We visited the Adler Planetarium (Adler was a Chicago businessman who financed it). I had not been there for ~ 40 years. The building’s architecture is as interesting as the Astronomy displays.

The downstairs part has a large display of the history of Astronomy in various cultures and telescopes on display. Upstairs is a detailed display of the American Space Program from the start to the Mars rovers and Jupiter probes. The presentation projects the feeling of the 1960s-70’s when the program was at its apex for human exploration and ends with the robotic probes.

There are also movies about Astronomy which we did not attend.

In front of the planetarium is a statue of none less than Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a hero of the American Revolution (and much, much more). I knew it was he because his sword is a Polish saber (szuba). And of course, I had seen it years ago. {Four hooves on the ground means he was not injured or killed}.

Weather was excellent!

Photographs: Solar system, Gemini, Beaux Art decoration, Antiques scopes, Huge scope mount, The General

Ref: Space Race, Cadbury. This is a truly fascinating account of the race to space by the USA and the USSR in the late 1940’s-70’s. Be warned though, Stalinist Russia was a horror.



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