Raspberry Pi

UPDATE: My computer lab using a Rasp Pi 3, a project board, and the new Pixel screensaver. (I shorted and killed my Pi2…)


I bought a Pi2 (and accessories) to see what is under the hood with programming. With the assistance of the internet, mostly raspberrypi.org and youtube (particularly Mr. Paul McWhorter) I set it up, installed programs, and use the  GPIO pins for physical computing: e.g., lighting LEDs and rotating servos, etc. using linux and Python (so far just using the Python programs of others as training).

I now know my way around linux terminal. Previously this was a dense mystery to me.

This photo of an amaryllis from the rear deck of my home was taken with a webcam into my Pi and transmitted by wifi to the Pi’s remote desktop on my iMAC monitor using <fswebcam>.  FileZilla was used to send the image file to the iMAC desktop and I moved it to my blog media library. Many steps, indeed, but it lets me use linux terminal.

It is all fun since I am on no timeline and my (older) brain is getting good stimulation.image3

Throwing in an Ardui9no project here. A weather station with solar recharge and Li9Po battery and its receiver Ref: Mr. Dutta, Instructables.

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